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Your Donation Helps Us Make Addison County Stronger, One Life at a Time

Respond. Recover. Reimagine. Rebuild. These four words have become our mantra at UWAC now that the word “pandemic” is part of our everyday vocabulary.

Respond: UWAC has been responding to the community’s needs for 52 years. The pandemic presented a new challenge for us, but we quickly realized that we were up for it. It was time for us to do what we do best - mobilize the compassion and generosity of individuals and organizations to improve lives and strengthen Addison County. I’ve enclosed a special piece on Addison County Responds, UWAC’s COVID-19 emergency relief fund. Nothing better demonstrates our community’s compassion and generosity quite like the incredible response we received to this early call for help. Thanks to 429 donors, we were able to quickly deploy over $210,000 to our nonprofit partners on the front lines of the pandemic in a matter of weeks.

Recover: The crisis isn’t over and thankfully, UWAC isn’t in this alone. In fact, the strength of our community partners is what will drive real change. Already we’ve seen incredible innovation in how we, as a network of organizations, can help Addison County recover. We’re acutely aware of our vulnerabilities, yet not afraid to lean on each other for support. UWAC will continue to convene partners, providers, and resources to address the needs of communities in crisis - this has never been more important than now.

Reimagine: We aren’t working toward a return to ‘normal.’ It has become even more evident in recent months that normal wasn’t working for too many people in Addison County. Instead, we have our eyes set on reimagining and rebuilding a more equitable and resilient community. UWAC will continue to encourage and support the innovation that has already sparked change for those who need us most.

Rebuild: When the pandemic is over and we return to shaking hands, the hard work will continue. Our new systems must be built to withstand unprecedented need. UWAC will be in it for the long haul; making sure the most basic needs are met for every Addison County resident.

Your support is needed more than ever. While we continue to raise funds for restricted COVID-19 uses, the need to shore up our operations is greater than ever so when something of this scale happens again, we can, once again, respond from a position of strength. We can’t do this without you. Please make your gift today.